Use your Camera Rune to take a picture of.

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On the first encounter, it is necessary to meet and talk with Kilton at Skull Lake in the northern part of Akkala. The imposing Skull Lake can be seen in the far North of Akkala, and the main valley entrance is guarded by Lynels.

Breath of the Wild.

The final merchant that can be found in Hateno is the Fang and Bone, Kilton's monster part shop.

BOTW's Dark Link armor set can be purchased from a monster-loving merchant named Kilton at his shop, Fang & Bone. The meet and talk with Kilton at Skull Lake in the northern part of Akkala.

To take a picture of Kilton, you'll have to find him first.

. . Talk to a guard named Hoz, and he’ll send you off to take a picture of Kilton.

It has a steep price tag, but players who want to unlock this Easter Egg armor. Once at the lake, you can.

Get the shrine at Skull Lake so you have it as a warp point.

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To unlock the ability to shop at Fang and Bone, you must first meet Kilton in his initial location, found on the western “eye” of Skull Lake. 17K subscribers.

I teleported to other town after 21:00 but he's. When completed, Hoz will reward you with a Silver Rupee worth 100 Rupees.

You’ll find Kilton for the first time (and only for this time) on the western eye island of Skull Lake.
While the Breath of the Wild‘s Skull Lake merchant Kilton does not fully resemble any one race in The Legend.

He wants you to take a photo of Kilton.

It’s in the Akkala region, in the northeastern corner.

Fang and Bone Locations. Boards. Use your Camera Rune to take a picture of Kilton.

. Boards. Solved! Found him under the bridge near Terrey Town as some people mentioned. Boards. That means following the main story quest.


Your first encounter with Kilton will take place west of Skull Lake. Aug 15, 2017 · class=" fc-falcon">I talked to him at the Skull lake already, he disappeared saying that he'll be in towns.

Kilton is a charachter who can be met at the small island corresponding to the left eye of Skull Lake,in the north of the Akkala region,he's also only present at night.

In order to start using Kilton’s services, you’ll first have to finish this side quest.

Fang and Bone can first be located at Skull Lake during nighttime, and once Link speaks to Kilton for the first time he will leave the lake, and from then on, the shop can be found close to most settlements in the game, such as Kakariko Village or Gerudo Town.

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